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Portfolio: comic, ilustration, design, drawing, painting, photography.



logo-ccf-2CCF (Col.lectiu Camí Fondo) is an electronic visual poetry created from deconstructions sound samplers, sequencers, laptops and organic sounds by JJ Doc, Rapsodia by Mc. Vulcan poems and texts VA Estellés Bukowsky, D. Thomas Brecht Biedma Gil T. Clement J. Furio …and more others . Appropriate, created visuals and Live Cinema by Epi Neuraska.

Website: https://linktr.ee/camifondo

cropped-gic_capc3a7al_wordpressG.I.C is a Electro Acoustic Visual project, created in 2013. The basic concept is referred G.I.C about finding visual synesthesia and perceptual exploration of the limits of the mind, for the construction of visual performance.

The deconstruction sound, laptop and samplers is under the control of JJ Doc, the Tibetan bowls, tingshas and organic sounds in the hands of Txema Molinero, the Visual Performance & Live Cinema is created by Epi Neuraska; the programming, piano and bass composed Pasku .

All this for experimentation with different relationships between image and sound, that through organic and electronic elements form a completely impossible to understand without synesthetic structure.

Website: http://gicproject.wordpress.com/

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Performance A.V. Black Poetry




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