Performance A.V.


OFF.ELIA Live A.V. Performance by JJ Doc [music & deconstruction sound] & Epi Neuraska [visual & performance]. EACC [Espai d´Art Contemporaní de Castelló], Espai Sonor. 20h, 07/IV/2017.

Photos: Edu Comelles – Ushiku Draven


Live A.V. Performance by JJ Doc [music & deconstruction sound] & Epi Neuraska [visual & performance]. LPM [Live Performers Meeting], Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Università di Roma la Sapienza. Stage 2 | 23:15 – 23:44 Saturday 30 May. 30/V/2015.



Actionism & video creation / 2ª Biennal d´Artistes Anònims – El Palau – Terrateig (València) – 12/03/2011 – GOMA-2 ECO is a hard explosive (denominated vulgarity: dynamite) of Spanish manufacture for industrial use (mainly in mining) by Unión Española de Explosivos, S.A. – To these explosives it´s called: GOMA (GUM) by its gelatinous aspect.

The fear is the essential element of the survival
(A. Jodorowsky)

goma2-Negre_fotGOMA2 Is a conceptual work, ironic, political … a global discontent, where the “owners” of the world think they have the right to shape the people with their arms. Through its fanaticism and terrorism repress the voices of the oppressed / its, whether these victims at various levels of complexities: economic and political. These “masters” are the ones who create the terror that affects us each time we remained nine victims. Therefore, the interactive installation gives us the opportunity to denounce this situation symbolically war that killed so many added throughout the history of mankind.


I talk about to the sense of being able to do what other senses limit to us, by danger or cowardice. It is an attempt to demonstrate same a limitation but in my action, a barrier between the idea and the action to me. Perhaps perhaps the fields to explore are incompatible with my person, are the necessity practice, it of the necessity to face. He is not easy nothing that a person must put in front the action to her senses. Much that to learn and sadly is no time.


Action conducted in Krakow – 2008.
“Aquestes cicatrius del temps ensenyen que cal estimar les ferides i tindre cura” “Estas cicatrices del tiempo enseñan que vale la pena amar las heridas y tener cuidado” “These scars of the time teach that it is worth the pain to love the wounds and to have well-taken care of” EpiNeuraska



Performance by Epi Neuraska in Kraków 2008
We can say that of each place we adopted a series of icons or fetiches that represent a place, a culture. Although it is a reduccionism idea, these elements are those that they relate to us to the memory of a little while of our life.///
Ironic vision of relaxation exercises, that I realise with my own elements of relaxation. Where once again it is the incessant search of one same one in the reality that is called on to us to live. Epi



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